Finding Success In Strange Places & 2 Rules For Joy

As OpenAI’s dramas have been dominating headlines, an intriguing story slipped under the radar. A new study found that GPT-4 outperformed humans on not one, but three separate tests of imagination. Researchers found that the model is especially good at cooking up surprising and unexpected ideas—serving as a powerful sparring partner when brainstorming. But this edition of Action Digest is sure to prompt (pun intended) insight and action more than any AI bot can muster.

Here are the gems of insight we’ll be unearthing in this week’s fourth and furious edition:

  • ❤️ The morbid origin story of The Thesaurus reveals why love is a neglected guarantee of greatness.

  • 🎷 Psychologists, a 7-year old, and a world-famous writer come together to help us understand when it’s time to quit with confidence.

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Alright, on with the show…

1. A labor of love always pays off, just not how you might expect.

I have seen many people end up in a bad place after pursuing an opportunity that was just a means to an end. But I have never seen someone pursue something that they truly, truly, love—despite the fear and the uncertainty and the ambiguity—and not end up in a good place. It’s just not always the place they expected to end up.

The life of British physician, Peter Roget, was punctuated with misery. As a boy, his mother’s dark depressive episodes made for a troubled upbringing. Later in life, he struggled to help his sister and daughter cope with their own mental health disorders. His wife died young and his uncle committed suicide in Peter’s arms.

To cope with the tragedy that shadowed him, Peter turned to an unusual labor of love: writing lists. Peter would start by writing down a word on some paper. Then he would list as many other words he could think of that shared a similar meaning.

As Peter’s collection of synonyms grew, he had no expectations for them. They simply satisfied his passion for linguistics and served as a therapeutic exercise. But then, after a lifetime of list writing, something strange happened. Peter’s work caught the attention of a publisher who saw the value of what he’d created.

And so in 1852, at the age of 73, Peter’s lists were published as Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases—the world’s first thesaurus. The book was an unexpected hit and Peter’s version alone has since sold over 32 million copies worldwide.

A labor of love always pays off, just not always how you’d expect.

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We’ll leave you with this…

“The mind can calculate, but the spirit yearns, and the heart knows what the heart knows.” 

Stephen King

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